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An SEO case study that grew from 0 to 100,000 visits

An SEO case study that grew from 0 to 100,000 visits, You need larger traffic.

More traffic to your site equals more impressions, signups, sales, and money.

But how can you get higher visitors from search results that are growing more crowded, diversified, and changes in their delivery?

Of course, with SEO!

Today, we’ll go through how we created a site’s SEO strategy from the ground up — from zero visits to 100,000 — and discuss critical conclusions you can apply to your plan.

Begin slowly with a fresh website

The Best SEO Agency in Mumbai knew there were limitations as we started with a new site.

At first, we focused on possibilities with little competition and high traffic value. SEMrush was used to estimate traffic value, while manual research was done to assess the competition.

We searched the search engine results pages (SERPs) for results that contained:

•  pages with a low number of links

•  low-quality or out-of-date content

•  a scarcity of well-known brands

•  domains with poor exact-matches

Finding results with these kinds of pages gives us confidence that we can easily develop something searchers like.

After identifying possible prospects, we created best-in-class content for those specific SERPs. To distinguish our material from that of others in the space, we used:

•  unique photography

•  Copy that’s clear, simple, and captivating.

•  graphics created from scratch

•  perfect formatting (scannable text, column width, font size, etc.)

We set our sites up for success in the SERPs by creating content that best answers searcher intent and needs.

Strategic content development

SEO success is driven by content.

It is likely to receive a few links to bottom-of-the-funnel sites, but you will want middle and top-of-the-funnel content to catch attention and links sustainably.

Creating valuable material for your audience is always a good idea, but you can take it a step further by being deliberate and purposeful about the information you produce. We kept a laser-like focus on SEO, designing every page with search and the options available to us in mind.

The Best SEO Company in India evaluated SEMrush traffic value to competition level to estimate potential.

This is an opportunity to generate material that will better help consumers while also highly likely ranking.

Of course, investing in excellent content is crucial, but the success we achieved from intentional about the SEO effect of the material we developed was the most critical takeaway.

Determine the user’s purpose

Here’s a quick method for determining user intent on a certain issue as part of your SEO Services in India. Begin by identifying a ‘focus issue’ that is relevant to the information you wish to publish. Then examine its top SERP results. The top-ranking sites for such search are usually ones that fit the user’s goal. In other words, they provide answers to searchers’ inquiries. Sites with high domain authority, on the other hand, can occasionally be outliers.

If you’re attempting to create articles around a focus topic that doesn’t correspond with that user intent, you should modify the content.

Because of the rising popularity of voice search, users are more likely to conduct queries in the form of a question. This might help you decide on a title and a focus issue.

Identifying your target keywords

This section of the case study will go over the next critical component of our approach – keyword research and competitor analysis.

It was critical to target the proper collection of keywords to increase our client’s site rating in the SERPs.

While our client’s postings were already ranking for over 78K keywords, we, the Best Digital Marketing Services in Mumbai, wanted to take their SEO performance to the next level during this case study.

So we devised a new strategy for all of the recent posts that we intended to publish. It necessitated both keyword research and competitive analysis.


The most important ingredient: Patience

Being a successful Digital Marketing Company in India, we did not utilize any hidden tactics or hacks to increase traffic. Rather, we concentrated on creating high-quality content and used various link acquisition tactics to suit each project stage. As the web has grown in popularity, so did our expectations and aspirations. The only thing that kept us rolling was our patience.

This is a repeatable, scalable procedure that has shown to be beneficial for us. Of course, you’ll need to adapt and adjust this approach to match your scenario and requirements. However, we at Webtrixz hope that you can use the major lessons we learned from this project in your approach.



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