Google Adwords Services

We begin with Keyword Research on your website

We analyze your website with Google tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics with a terrific approach to understanding where your website stands right now. We can determine the keywords for which you are currently ranking after assessing your website. Consider these keywords to be your assets. Your Adwords campaign can assist you in being even more effective for these keywords.

Alternatively, we also determine the keywords for which you are not performing well and begin working on them. Developing the correct keyword strategy is dependent on your ability to interpret the market; in other words, keyword research is critical.

Completing Your Keyword List

We are ready to work on your keyword list after doing internal and external keyword research. To create your keyword strategy, we input your keyword list into Google Keyword Planner and analyse the volume, competition, cost per click, region, language, and other data. Because we start your Adwords campaign on the same platform, you may consider this the final phase in your keyword research.

The Google Adwords Process

For over 10 years, The Adwords team at Webtrixz has worked in a range of sectors. We can assess which phrases require Adwords and which require organic (SEO) tactics for better results using our tried-and-true methodologies. Our SEO company in Mumbai has its finger on the global pulse. Please contact us if you have any queries concerning keyword research and analysis.

Our Google Ads Services comprise the following:

  • Research and selection of Keywords
  • Competitive research
  • Ideas for text and picture ads to optimise landing pages
  • PPC cost control
  • PPC Tracking
  • Ad campaign alterations and enhancements
  • Tracking conversions
  • Reports every month


Keywords are used to contextually target advertising on the GDN. Adverts are displayed on certain websites based on the keywords linked with the ads and the pages’ content.


Placement targeting allows you to display adverts on certain desktop and mobile websites, both inside a segment of a site and individual pages.


Behavioural targeting allows you to target potential consumers and show them adverts based on their interests or previous visits to websites and mobile apps.


Geographic targeting allows you to target customers based on their location, such as nation, state, Metropolitan Area, city, or custom area.

Why Webtrixz for Google Ads Services?

If you utilize Google Ads to promote your internet business and have spent a lot of money and yet not gotten the intended results, it’s best if you hire a trained Google Adwords Management Company to eliminate money waste, make every rupee spent worthwhile, and generate quality and prospective visitors to your website.


Rather than concentrating on more expenditure, we concentrate on delivering meaningful traffic from the spending that will provide you genuine results quickly. With our efforts and service, we ensure that your items reach potential clients among the billions of searches made on Google every day. Better ad management needs a significant amount of information and skill, which not every company possesses.


We have worked with numerous firms, from start-ups to huge corporations, and have delivered proven outcomes with a 100% success rate. There is no reason to waste money or effort when Webtrixz can handle it for you!

FAQ'S on Google Ads Services

What is Google Ads?
Google has a platform for ads known as Google Ads that enables businesses and advertisers to show their adverts in Google’s search engines and sites where their partners have affiliations with them. A Google ads agency focuses on designing and overseeing ad programs in this environment.
How much does Google Ads cost?
The cost for the Google ads varies hugely considering some elements such as the business category, words, rivalry, and campaign preferences. Using Google Ads management services, companies can maximize their paid advertisement’s performance and get reasonable returns on each investment they make in their campaign.
How do I create effective ads?
A Google Ads management company may help you to build the most efficient ads. These involve effective keyword research, creative ad copies that capture attention of potential customers, appropriate landing pages with enticing visuals for display ads, rigorous A/B testing and constant optimisation for enhanced click through rate and conversion.

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