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Optimize your website for SEO and better Conversions

You invested in digital marketing, you are starting to generate traffic, but how you convert them into customers is your main concern. While having traffic at a certain pace is a positive sign, ensuring they trust your brand and buy from you is more important. However, often brands immerse themselves into optimizing websites and forget about the next crucial step.

Converting leads from traffic is complex and crucial, but if done right and implemented strategies in the best way possible, your website will be able to convert sooner than later. Each step, from developing a good website design to SEO and converting leads, is important for business success.

Here are few ways in which you can optimize your website with SEO and boost conversion rate:

Boost your organic traffic

Businesses spend huge chunks of money on digital marketing or advertisements but fail to recognize the need and ability of SEO. Some industries spend more on ads than they spend on SEO. Attracting organic traffic through SEO is completely affordable and lower than regular PPC ads. Seo gives better results, and as per the survey, there’s hardly a 2% difference between generating organic traffic through SEO and PPC. Moreover, SEO provides stability and better returns. Therefore, businesses need to invest in SEO to boost organic reach. It might take more time due to long-term strategy, but they give better results and more conversion. Webtrixz provides the best SEO services in Mumbai to optimize your website and generate more organic traffic for the long run.

Give your audience what they want

According to a survey, more than 70% of searchers look for local business. Your brand needs to cater to the local audience specifically. Let’s look have a look in this way, say you are a clothing brand, and your customer is looking for men’s wear or something related to clothing, but your brand lacks accurate content, so how do you think you will attract customers? Will you be able to attract them in the first place when you don’t have what they are looking for? You are a clothing brand but lack required content, website attributes, and aspects, then why will they choose you over your competitor with an optimized website? Therefore, it’s important to optimize your website according to your brand’s offers and what your customers want. Our SEO agency in Mumbai can balance the requirements to generate traffic and convert them into potential leads.

Capitalize your traffic

When the audience visits your website, you don’t want them just to watch and leave. Rather, you want your customers to stay and ultimately become your customer, but that doesn’t happen just like that; implementing SEO and website design is required for them to stay. Learning how they navigate through your pages, what activities they perform on your platform, and how they react to the call to action button would help you recognize what they want and allow you to hit on the right spot. Ask them to subscribe to your platform or make an account; it allows you to personally attract them by sending customized incentives, offers, and other products and services you’re offering. Capitalizing on your existing traffic boosts your conversion rate because higher organic traffic converts when you know what, how, and when to respond. Employ the best digital marketing company in Mumbai to understand your specific audience and capitalizing them into leads.

Produce rich and reliable content

Nothing can beat the impact of content in converting visitors. Good content is a core element of your website; if you can provide your customers with accurate content, they are more likely to convert into leads. Analyze your keywords, check what results in Google provides when you search, visit the top ten results, and analyze how and what they provide. You will get an idea of what you need and what your website lacks. Web development specialists can help you optimize your website with rich content to convert leads.

Make your website useful for the audience

What are your ultimate goals? What do you want to serve your customers? Although your goals are relatable with google as of prioritizing significant content, better customer experience, and best possible content, there are several aspects that you need to look for better rankings. Google has more than 200 factors in determining whether your website will rank on top or not. Implement SEO tags, metadata, and other essential elements to make your website useful for the audience. Our web development company in Mumbai implements effective methods and strategies to make your website competent with google determining factors and customers.


Optimizing the website and converting potential leads needs to be balanced for a successful business. Webtrixz, web development in Mumbai, has an excellent team to optimize websites from scratch to generate leads. If implemented as planned, it’s a matter of time they become your regular customers.



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