The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

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Despite sounding contradictory, artificial intelligence is making our world smarter by automating tasks, improving efficiency, and enhancing computing solutions. Let us look into the role of AI in terms of the top digital marketing company in India using AI.

AI in Digital Marketing: How Companies Are Using It

Automated chatbots

Evidently, a chatbot differs greatly from traditional marketing channels such as ads or emails when promoting your business. Chatbots can be highly effective marketing tools, particularly on social media platforms. They have the ability to offer customer service that benefits both customers and your brand, gather valuable customer data for targeted messaging, and deliver these tailored messages on behalf of your business. Additionally, chatbots can assist customers of digital marketing company in India in navigating the sales process by asking relevant questions that help them locate their desired products.

You might have used a chatbot when searching for answers to a question on a website. Chatbots can conduct either auditory or textual conversations, the latter usually appearing as chat windows on your computer screen. They can be used to have conversations (or “chat”). Chatbots, also known as messenger bots, have been dubbed 2017’s best new marketing channel.

Yes, chatbots can be effective marketing tools-especially in social media-because they can provide customer service in digital marketing company in India which helps both your customer and your brand, gather data on customers which helps you target your messaging, and deliver those targeted messages on behalf of the business.

The National Australia Bank (NAB) created a chatbot to serve as a virtual banker for its business customers. The chatbot is available to answer customer questions 24 hours a day, and every day. In addition to answering more than 13,000 variations of 200 questions, the software draws on real-life customer inquiries to provide answers.

Content that is predictive and targeted

In addition to answering questions via chatbots, AI can be used to gather more data about prospects and customers, which can then be used to predict future behavior and develop more targeted messaging. As described above, you could deliver that content through a chatbot, a web page, or an email. With dynamic content and based on past customer behaviour, AI can help you deliver the right email message at the right time. AI can intelligently choose content most likely to appeal to a specific customer by knowing which web pages they’ve visited, which blog posts they’ve read, which emails they’ve interacted with, and more. In addition to predicting when a customer disengages from a brand, AI also helps top Performance marketing agency in India provide personalized content that will appeal to and re-engage them by predicting their disengagement from a brand.

AI can be used not only to answer questions via chatbots, but also to collect data about prospects and customers, and then to develop more targeted messages based on that data. In addition to the chatbot as described above, dynamic content may also be delivered via a web page or email, or dynamically determined based on the behavior of past customers. With this information you can create content and get new customers also.

Creation of content

Additionally, marketers have always cited content creation as one of the biggest challenges they face since the dawn of content marketing.

The content provided can range from lengthy articles to shorter email subject lines and social media ads, all written in a natural and human-like manner. For instance, you can find an article on AI authored by AI itself. Whether it is extensive or specific content like Persado’s AI-generated language for email subject lines and social media ads, the focus remains on creating purposeful content that caters to customer needs. This saves valuable time for employees or freelancers who would otherwise spend countless hours generating such material.

As content marketing has become increasingly important, AI has come to play an even greater role in its creation. AI can help by generating some of that content for you, whether it be articles consisting of hundreds of words or more specific email subject lines and social media ads written in the AI-generated language developed by Persado. This content is customer-focused and purposeful, intended to be useful to that customer seeking information or scanning their inbox or social media pages—without requiring countless hours on the part of an employee or freelancer to generate that content. Content creation can be easily done by using the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai; they can improve all your content and make your website more visible.

Find out everything you need to know about AI and machine learning!

The use of artificial intelligence is also prevalent in digital marketing, helping to make pay-per-click advertising more effective, personalizing websites, creating content, predicting behaviour and more in the background.
Businesses have two options for leveraging AI in their digital marketing efforts. On the one hand, they can utilize AI on the backend to predict product demand, create customer profiles, and implement programmatic ad buying. On the other hand, AI can be employed on the customer-facing front to enhance the overall customer experience, resulting in a stronger brand presence and increased sales. Remarkably, over 75% of organizations employing AI and machine learning affirm that it elevates customer satisfaction by more than 10%.

Technology for image recognition

In conclusion, businesses now have access to AI-powered image recognition software that enhances customer experiences. This technology, which has been available for some time, can be familiar to you if you have ever seen a friend being automatically tagged in a photo on platforms like Facebook. Moreover, this software plays a crucial role in tailoring customer experiences. A notable example is Macy’s Image Search app introduced by renowned retailer Macy’s; it enables customers to upload an item’s picture and find similar products from Macy’s vast collection.


Four important artificial intelligence developments stand out in improving the customer experience: chatbots, predictive and targeted content, content creation, and image recognition. These technologies can improve customer service and support and deliver more targeted and relevant content. This can be easily done by using the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai.

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