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Top digital marketing trends for 2022

Explore some trends that will shape digital marketing in 2022 as employers brainstorm new methods or revise outdated ones to maximize ROI in digital marketing in the new year

• Incorporating AI into digital marketing :-

Different business processes are being automated with AI, including marketing. Marketing AI is primarily used to eliminate repetitive tasks like keyword recommendation, data reporting, and analytics.  AI is helping marketers find out how customers will behave in the future based on their past purchases. The use of AI and SEO strategies will enhance organic and paid search rankings in 2022. It is a known fact that Meta is everywhere. 

• Changing the marketing approach to focus on mobile :-

Mobile phones have become a preferred method of exploration for both B2C and B2D consumers. In order to maximize customer engagement, businesses must implement a mobile-friendly digital marketing strategy that utilizes Google’s mobile-first index. Mobile-friendly content and responsive websites are essential. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, smartphone use is growing for a variety of daily activities, including video streaming, shopping, learning, socializing, and so on. 

For companies to rank higher in search engines and drive organic traffic, they should make sure their content is mobile-friendly. Moreover, they need to improve their digital demand generation programs in the future. Get the Best Digital Marketing Services in India.

• Artificial intelligence-enabled influencer marketing :-

Over the last few years, influencer marketing has evolved to become more content-driven rather than word-of-mouth. It is now a powerful tool for building brand credibility online for businesses as well as individuals. You can notice AI tools being used in the next phase of influencer marketing, from identifying influencers and tracking engagement rates, to performance marketing. It will be possible to determine the value of influencer partnerships by creating a cost-benefit analysis. Across the whole spectrum of social media, marketers are also recommending collaborations with influencers across multiple platforms as a crucial trend in influencer marketing. Influencers continue to grow which is good for the market. 

• Digital marketing needs intent data to thrive :-

The digital marketing plans of modern enterprises keep up with customer data and market signals to identify the customers who are most likely to make a purchase. With the right target audience, marketers can create content and messaging to convert them within the year. Google’s privacy and tracking rules will be strengthened in the coming year so that cookie tracking will be ended by 2022.

Marketers will have to collect first-party intent data in the future through surveys, online searches, and registration forms to boost demand generation through digital channels. 81% of buyers research online before buying, which means they should be prepared with dynamic landing pages and forms to collect first-hand intent data. There are umpteen Digital Marketing companies in India. Opt for the best. 

By personalizing marketing campaigns, you can determine the key touchpoints that will encourage a customer to buy a product. In order to execute account-based marketing, a business would require a hybrid mix of B2B database providers and digital marketing agencies.

• Optimization of voice searches :-

Many households now have voice assistant tools like Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. More and more smartphones also come with voice assistants that enable users to search the web with a voice command. The purpose of these tools is to search products, find locations, resolve queries, or even visit websites. To maximize the value of their SEO efforts, enterprises need to have their online storefronts fully optimized for voice search. In order to achieve more Marketers get more strategic.

For businesses to optimize their websites, there are two methods. First, they should choose keywords that people would use to discover their website using voice searches. Most often, these are keywords that consumers would say rather than type. Secondly, businesses must make their on-site content more conversational and interactive in order to effectively target voice search users. A conversational tone improves voice search optimization.

• Connecting digital experiences with multichannel marketing :-

When businesses begin to embrace online marketing, they realize it’s not a one-dimensional platform. It encompasses a wide range of activities including social media, email, websites, e-commerce, video streaming, etc. Omnichannel marketing includes creating blogs, websites, WhatsApp groups, webinars, and live events across all social networks. In order to achieve success, business owners must develop integrated digital marketing strategies that enable them to create content and engage with their customers. Digital Marketing Services in Mumbai are also available. 

Using this method, a consistent brand voice will be maintained across all channels. Multichannel digital marketing strategies will also make it increasingly important to align content along the customer journey and build a strong digital ecosystem around ideal customer profiles.

• Tools for automating marketing :-

The advancement of digital marketing will continue to make AI-based automation tools crucial for simplifying and automating repetitive tasks. They will also enable marketers to manage multiple digital channels simultaneously in real-time. A vanguard enterprise will use content automation systems to create SEO content to enhance its website content and drive organic traffic beyond scheduling and automating emails and social media posts. Websites get faster with optimization. 

Marketers can save time and money by focusing on core business processes while simultaneously saving costs. With the use of automated tools, marketers can tailor their ad research based on demographics, geography, socioeconomic variables, etc.

It will also make it possible for organizations to streamline data collection, compilation, and segmentation to run targeted advertising campaigns, retarget abandoned shopping carts, suggest products, etc. Accelerate the adoption of AR and VR to create virtual experiences for their businesses.


In the new stay-at-home world order, marketing fundamentals have changed drastically in the past two years. Digital marketing has become key in driving revenue growth and improving brand awareness. In digital marketing everything is algorithm-driven.

Increasing accessibility of smart speakers, for example, which utilizes artificial intelligence, will make digital marketing even more effective in the years to come. Businesses will be forced to adopt digital-first strategies to advance their brand expansion as well as customer engagement, even if marketing tools of the past return.

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